Smart-QA comprises of several modules and intends to provide the QA team with a comprehensive management platform to capture the overall activities performed in the QA organization.

Batch Record Management: Smart-QA provides the user with a robust batch record tracking and dozens of key performance indicators associated with turnaround time, right first time documentation, time spent on batch record, efficiency and more. READ MORE
Form and Checklist: Smart-QA provides the user with configurable forms to record any checklist, records the results and identify any action needed as a result. These are usually checklists that are non-GMP or can be printed and signed if required. The forms can be associated with standards to capture the time associated with filling up the form and additional standards for recording an observation/action/issue.
Reports: Smart-QA offers dozens of reports off-the-shelf capturing key performance indicators associated with Efficiency, Batch Record Release (Right First Time, Cycle Time, Detailed Documentation Errors and more), Observation and QA Actions, QA Unavailable time recorded. READ MORE
Dashboard: Smart-QA has created several dashboard views to allow the QA management team to quickly see trends, weekly/monthly performance overview, snapshot of the current QA status and additional information.
QA Action: Smart-QA platform is used to track ALL QA activities both structured and standards and other QA activities that vary in time spent; the user can record the time spent on investigation and the system can provide the hours per investigation to further assess the cost of quality. This information is presented as a summary in conjunction with the Batch Records reviewed and other QA activities for a full overview of the entire week.
Resource Planning: Smart-QA is equipped with a resource planning module that uses the forecast, the standard times and provides the expected resource (staffing) that is needed to meet the various demands. These are the same standards that are used for the Batch Record Reviews, forms, and others during the day to day operation.